How to become more creative

By Christine Kane Creativity isn’t a big deal. It’s like our breath. It’s just a part of who we are. Some of us don’t realize this. People who say, “Oh, I’m not creative,” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body,” sound to me like they’re trying to convince themselves of something, rather than telling themselves the truth. They

How to make your own Christmas Cards

  Before I start, I must tell you all about Etsy. My, it's a wonderful place. If you've made something, you can sell it there. And if you want something handmade, you can go there and probably buy it (want Doctor Who jewellery or Michael Jackson magnets? You've just found your new favourite website). You would think there was no better

How to Deliver Successful Presentations

Good Presentation Skills are Essential in Today's Competitive World Today, it’s not just what you know that counts but how you present your knowledge to the world. In this guide, we'll look at how to deliver a professional, winning presentation to an audience. Delivering accomplished presentations is a vital skill in anyone's armoury whether you're a student just starting out or the

How Teamwork makes the Dream works

Someone said: “There is nothing as stronger as teamwork”. Well, what do we think? In responsibility is divided among each member equally according to expertise and time available. The biggest responsibility, of course, rests with the team leader. A team always allows you to perform well in the area that you have expertise. A good team always creates faithfulness in

Tips surviving University

Have you noticed how funny and intelligent this guy is? Well, Gun Narolla pulled some great tips that you can use to study stress free. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

Eat healthy and eat your way to exam success

There is so much in the media about healthy eating these days that it's easy just to switch off. But, with your exams coming up, it's worth trying to eat a balanced diet. Research has shown that eating certain foods and maintaining a balanced diet can help improve your concentration: so whilst it won't make you a genius, it might

Katty & Gabiella Conversation enlighten you on how to choose your college courses

Here you are caught in a conversation between Katty, 19 a student who is really passionate about art and who need advice on how to choose the right college course, and Gabriella 22, professional photographer. They are both new flatmate, and Gabriella manages her own photographic agency.   Gabriella: Hey Katty Katty: Hey darling, sup?   Gabriella: I’m doing great, just got out from photographic

How to make friends at college

    Looking forwards to making friends in college? Oh yeah, making friends in this new environment can be overwhelming especially when you are an open minded person who loves the diversity.   Great tips to make friends   Talk to people. It’s always interesting to talk to your classmate and ask them about the material covered, the course timetable, the group project, etc. This is

Free counselling

The hard bit is deciding on what to study, and where. That is why our free counseling helps you make the right choice with the assistance of our team. It is also a chance to inform you of additional services that you might be interested in.


Guiding your children to University

Our parent guide is designed to help you support your son or daughter as they complete their Higher Education. We know how proud you will be to see your children on their graduation dresses. But before we get there, let us remind you of a few principles that will help you see clear on the different challenges that