Katty & Gabiella Conversation enlighten you on how to choose your college courses

Here you are caught in a conversation between Katty, 19 a student who is really passionate about art and who need advice on how to choose the right college course, and Gabriella 22, professional photographer. They are both new flatmate, and Gabriella manages her own photographic agency.


Gabriella: Hey Katty

Katty: Hey darling, sup?


Gabriella: I’m doing great, just got out from photographic studio

Katty: Oh cool, I didn’t know you had a photo studio. Are you working as independent?


Gabriella: Yeah, actually I feel free in what I do and this is to me the best job in the world you know…

Katty: wow, for real? I mean… how did you start? Did you take some photographic course?


Gabrialla: Well, It all started when I was young. I was collecting magazines and cutting interesting and colourful pictures that I would use to make a creative collage on my bedroom’s walls until they were totally covered with different beautiful images. I knew back then that working with pictures was something I was born to do. As a confirmation of that, my mother bought me a digital camera for my 16th birthday, and that was the beginning of my photographic practice.

My father knew about my talent but rather wanted me to study Law. Before I start college, I had to make deep researches on how I could improve my talent in order to use it in the future to create my own business.


Katty: Did you ever felt like… you were lost on your choices? Because as you said, you wanted to study photography but your father was less supportive towards that. How did you overcome the situation?

Gabriella: good question. You know it’s true that I was pretty lost because there were even times when I was about to put my talent second place as I’ve heard that I was a very crowded market, that today this type of industry is less valuable, and that only a small number of people have walked through it successfully.  But what really gave the strength to go further was the passion that I had for photography.


Katty: How was it like when you’ve started the course?

Gabriella: Like a fish in the sea ‘smile’. I felt this way because I knew that I was doing what I loved to do, so eventually I was ready to put a huge effort in to becoming successful.


Katty: Great. So at college, did you acquire enough knowledge to run own business?

Gabriella: Well again, I think that it depends on what you want to do with your talent. I mean, if you want to work for someone or create your own agency. I knew that I wanted to have my own business, so I have combined my photographic course with some management modules to help me understand and set a good structure for my business.


Katty: Love that. Can you make me a black book? ‘Smile’

Gabriella: sure. But first, I invite you to have a look at my Website to see my works and prices.



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