Welcome to Bright Quest

We provide effective support to young dynamics that are heading to universities in English-speaking countries (Namely the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada)

Choosing the right university

The US, the UK, and Canada count around 4,472 degree-granting institutions all together that are heavily investing in research and learning and making sure that students' satisfaction is maintained to it highest level. These 3 countries make a total of almost 12,000,000 students enrolling each year. We have the information you need and that will help you determine what university fits you best.

University registration process

The registration process differs from one country to another. Apart from filling up application forms, you're also required to submit one (or up to 4) personal statement(s), one (or up to 3) reference letter(s), evidence(s) of sufficient funds, and an evidence of English proficiency. Our experienced team will guide you through all these procedures.

Visa Application Procedures

Procedures for international students differ from those of locals. One of the measure differences between these two categories is the obtainment of a valid student visa which only applies to internationals (overseas students). Benefiting from a professional assistance makes your Student Visa application the easiest part of your overall University registration procedures. Please feel free to contact our team for more information.


Free counselling

The hard bit is deciding on what to study, and where. That is why our free counseling helps you make the right choice with the assistance of our team. It is also a chance to inform you of additional services that you might be interested in.


Guiding your children to University

Our parent guide is designed to help you support your son or daughter as they complete their Higher Education. We know how proud you will be to see your children on their graduation dresses. But before we get there, let us remind you of a few principles that will help you see clear on the different challenges that you and your children will face throughout this incredible adventure.

Your Finances

Going to university is indeed costly. Whether you will self-finance your studies or receive a loan, you should be aware of the fees that you will be required to pay and any discounts or bursaries that you may be eligible for. Please visit our Finance page for more advices and information.


Where to study?


Highly satisfied about the services I’ve received. I found my place at one of the best Universities and in my favorite city. Now the real challenge begins. Big thanks to the Bright Quest Team.

Marie-Ange, 21 (Toulouse-France)
Leeds, UK

I Landed where I wanted to be. The University is amazing and that gives me a new lease of life. Thank you guys

Anthony, 23 (Cape Town-SA)
Portland-Oregon, USA