How to make friends at college



Looking forwards to making friends in college? Oh yeah, making friends in this new environment can be overwhelming especially when you are an open minded person who loves the diversity.


Great tips to make friends


  1. Talk to people. It’s always interesting to talk to your classmate and ask them about the material covered, the course timetable, the group project, etc. This is the easiest way to open up to your future friends. After this, you can start great conversations regarding sports, food, music, vacations, etc.
  2. Social Networks. Connect with your new friends via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This is an effective way to get in touch with them and know them better.
  3. Go to events.  There’s nothing like a good football game to build camaraderie. If football isn’t your thing, there are usually poetry readings, concerts, art shows, dances, contests, or other events around campus.
  4. Join clubs. You can also meet new people with similar interests. Remember that you can always look for clubs in your college website, Facebook, and Twitter profiles. You can then pick the club that fits you the best.
  5. be cool.




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