If you are the parent or guardian of high-achieving high school students, prepare yourself to spend whatever it takes to send your children to good universities or colleges. For your children, it’s a big transition to independence and adulthood. Yes, kill the “Kids will be kids” mentality because there will be plenty of challenges that your children will need to support. Remember that you have to help them to adjust to college life by assigning to them certain responsibilities, giving them certain work to do at home such as cleaning the bathroom or the kitchen, cooking, do the laundry, and above all sharing your college time experiences with your them before they leave the parental home.

Here are some interesting books to help you understand how to mentor and assist your children during the college years




As we are sure you’re aware, tuition fees aren’t cheap. It’s also important to educate your children on how to spend wisely the money they will be receiving from you. This will also be part of their growth. You must consider textbooks, fees, room & board, transportation, and other monthly expenses.

To see clear on the way to allocate these expenses, we recommend to you the Budget Calculator of the 3 countries




Finally, reconnecting with your children every summer holydays will also give you the opportunity to see how much they have grown in a short amount of time. Your children will lean the real sense of responsibility, grow their potentials, and develop their great sense of purposes. For more info and tips on how to save money, please visit our finance page.
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