You will receive an estimate figure of the living cost in one of the countries and the tuition fees you will have to pay each year. But for now, please use the budget calculator of each country to have a clear idea of the amount of money you will need.






The frequently asked question that comes to us is:”how come some students have attended university without even making any payment or paying less money than others?”. Well, each university is well aware of its high cost and that is why it’s ready to offer to many students a huge number of scholarships. Students have also the option to apply for loans through student loan Companies, and register for different types of Grants though organizations.

Student Loans. Some students receive student loans, which allow them to study without paying any money. The loan is repaid on installment, which begins when the graduate earns over a specified threshold each year depending on countries. In the 3 countries there are student loan companies, which are part of the Governments’ financial support package for students.

Student Finance England (UK)  


Canada’s Student Financial Aid Resources   

Scholarships sponsored by colleges or universities

They are often designed for students who fit a particular profile. The simplest way to find out about this type of financial support for each university is to write the word “scholarships” after the university’s name on the Google search bar (ex: xxx University Scholarships). You can then read the eligibility requirements to qualify.


Scholarships sponsored by organizations

They are available through profit and non-profit organizations. You can search for scholarships in the US, UK, and Canada through these links:

Fast Web (US)

 Scholarship Experts (US)

Scholarship Search (UK)

Student Awards (Canada) 


Like scholarships, grants do not require repayment, but the difference is that they are usually given to and by specific groups of people for a specific line of study and often require students to have exceptional grades.

Examples: The Guggenheim Foundation Grant is well known for assisting Research and Artistic Creation. Find out about grants by visiting your country’s government website.

Students can also make huge savings on their purchases by using students discount cards such as the National Union of Students card (NUS) (UK) and the Student Price Card (SPC) (Canada), which they can get up to 50% off on their purchases.

When buying college books, remember that you will only use them once and then throw them back. Buying second hand college books will allow you to make up to 30% saving on your budget. Here are some useful links to help you save more money on books: