What to expect in College

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Steps to Success

Step One: Attend Every Class Step Two: Be Organized Step Three: Manage Your Time Well Step Four: Be Successful in the Classroom Step Five: Take Good Notes Step Six: How to

What Are Your Predictions for 2014?



This is our final Student Opinion question until Jan. 2, 2014, so it seems only fitting to ask: What are your predictions for the new year? What do you think, or hope, might happen in the world next year? In your own personal

‘Good News & Bad News’ About Student Motivation

By Larry Ferlazzo

How can I deal with unmotivated students? I'm a little bit frustrated when I know my students don't do their homework and sometimes they talk during my lessons. Part One of this series included responses from Cris Tovani, Josh Stumpenhorst and Eric Jensen.  Next week's post will include more guest responses, as

Three easy holiday gift ideas for students

It’s the holidays, and you’re a student. Ipso facto, you’re probably dirt poor. Try giving your family or friends one of these charming gifts — you’ll save money, and the recipient will delight in getting something personalized and handmade.

Salt dough ornaments

These make great

Universities Letting In Students With Lower Grades

The UK's top university are opening their doors to a rising number of students with lower grades, figures from UCAS suggest. At the top universities in England, the number of English 18-year-olds accepted who did not achieve ABB or above is 70% higher than it was in 2011, according to a new UCAS report. Since 2011 universities across the UK have increased