Fewer people now playing videogames

By Julia Boorstin Bad news for traditional gamers: 5 percent fewer people are playing games than a year ago, according to a new report from the NPD Group. Some 211.5 million Americans play videogames, 12 million fewer than a year ago. And as people spend more time on their mobile devices, the way people are playing is changing too gamers are shifting

Global Business Speaks English

Ready or not, English is now the global language of business. More and more multinational companies are mandating English as the common corporate language—Airbus, Daimler-Chrysler, Fast Retailing, Nokia, Renault, Samsung, SAP, Technicolor, and Microsoft in Beijing, to name a few—in an attempt to facilitate communication and performance across geographically diverse functions and business endeavors. Adopting a common mode of speech isn’t

Is a Degree really worth having?

  There is a general idea that put college degrees inside the box. Today many people don’t even think about the importance of the knowledge they can get from our great institutions. But the way, going to university is the one of the most important decisions of your life and will definitely shape your future career. So what are the benefits of

Public VS Private College

  With student debt surpassing $1 trillion and college tuition on the rise, making the choice between attending a state or private university may come down to what is affordable. Here are the pros and cons of both public and private institutions.   State College Pros: One of the most obvious benefits of attending a public college in your home state is discounted tuition, which

Can your breakfast improve your sexual health?

By Lisa Oldson. A new breakfast cereal is claiming to do more than just nourish your body and help you take on the day. "Sex Cereal" claims to improve sexual health, too."Sexual health is so important" Peter Ehrlich, the creator of Sex Cereal, recently told The Toronto Sun. "I wanted to create something sexy and fun in the health food industry because

Why countries invest heavily in education.

By Diana Epstein   Education is the key to American competitiveness and a strong economy, and continued federal investment in education is needed in order to support improvements in student achievement and put our economy on the path to sustained growth. The United States suffers from persistent differences in achievement between groups of students defined by race/ethnicity or family income, and our

Canadian’s Startup Visa Program will fast-track new Canadians

An immigration lawyer in Windsor is praising new federal policy that would fast-track new Canadians into the country if they are potential entrepreneurs. Jason Kenney first announced the Startup Visa Program in late January but Finance Minister Jim Flaherty emphasized the policy Wednesday when he dropped the budget. The program is designed to be a completely different and effective replacement of the

Developing your intelligence at any age

By mary jaksch

Forget depressing stories about the brain. That it’s at its best in our twenties, then slowly declines – until we are left in old age with tatters instead of dendrites in the brain and can’t even remember our own

Technologies and the new generation

By Tammy Erickson The cohort I like to call the "Re-Generation" began to take shape around 2008. Individuals at the formative ages of 11 to 13, those born after about 1995, were part of a substantively different world than the one that had shaped 11 to 13 year olds over the preceding fifteen or so years. In an earlier post,

Rise of self-employment in the UK

By Neil Lee The strength of the UK labor market has been an on-going puzzle. Despite a 4 per cent drop in GDP, employment has risen, and more people are in work than in 2008. Yet the rise hasn’t been in full-time employee jobs. Part-time work has accounted for some of the increase, but most of it has been a result