Elderly Increasingly Looking to College to Boost Job Skills

  By Associated Press   DES MOINES, Iowa — Dorothy Frode enrolled in community college this fall, 50 years after she graduated from high school and facing the certainty that retirement wasn’t possible with only her Social Security income. At age 67, the Dubuque, Iowa, woman made a choice likely becoming more common among older Americans: to return to college for more training, then

Tips surviving University

Have you noticed how funny and intelligent this guy is? Well, Gun Narolla pulled some great tips that you can use to study stress free. Take a listen and tell us what you think.

Handy Roscadini (University of Toronto, Canada) with Bright quest Team

Major: Aircraft Engineering   >> Tell us about your aspiration   To become a pilot. I want to be able to fly a Dreamliner lol.   >> What is the funniest moment you've experienced in college so far?   Seeing the entire class failing an exam, including the so-called “nerds”.   >> First college nightmare   Doing 2 Coursework three days before the deadline. I stayed up for three days; red bulls

Opting for learning a second language?

  Well, statistics show that 70% of students who speak more than one language have more jobs and business opportunity upon graduation. Here is the Jennifer Lou article explaining to us the benefits of learning a foreign language. The rest of the world can talk circles around us. Only about one quarter of Americans speak a second language, seriously lagging behind the 50%

How to make friends at college

    Looking forwards to making friends in college? Oh yeah, making friends in this new environment can be overwhelming especially when you are an open minded person who loves the diversity.   Great tips to make friends   Talk to people. It’s always interesting to talk to your classmate and ask them about the material covered, the course timetable, the group project, etc. This is