Zach hamad (university of Alberta, Canada) with Bright Quest team

Major: Sound engineering


>> Tell us about your aspiration


I want to become a professional music producer, and travel around the world to promote peace.


>> What is the funniest moment you’ve experienced in college so far?


It’s probably one of the college party where my roommate joe “the bird” engaged in a dance battle against a professional dancer. We all knew he was bad at dancing but his moves were so hilarious that he earned our respect. “Funny dude”


>> First college nightmare


I think it’s the day one of my roommates gave me some rare herbs to smock. My mistake was that I actually smocked them. It took me almost 4 days to sober up. I spent most of my time sleeping. lol… thought I was going to die.


>> The college life in 3 words


Cool, fun, amazing


>> Who influenced you choice to go to college?


My friend Ali who was already in college


>> Are you proud of your accomplishment so far? How do you see yourself in the future?


I’m satisfied of what I’ve done so far, I’m just cool with the fact that I’ve learned things that opened my mind. I’m already working for big label but I feel that I’m made to have my own label in the future, and help artists.


>> What is your hallmark?

Not lucky but blessed

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