How to find jobs Using Social Media

According to a 2009 Career Builder survey, 45% of employers use social media to screen potential candidates and this percentage is growing. These employers are looking to see your communication skills, professional demeanor, how well rounded you are and many other skills and assets you may possess. Therefore, one of the

How to save as a student

Whether you're studying full or part-time, there may be a grant or a free course to help. They're dependent on your circumstances so it may not be easy to get one, but there's certainly no harm in trying.


Educational Grants Advisory Service: This offers students,

University registration process

The registration process differs from one country to another. Apart from filling up application forms, you're also required to submit one (or up to 4) personal statement(s), one (or up to 3) reference letter(s), evidence(s) of sufficient funds, and an evidence of English proficiency. Our experienced team will guide you through all these procedures.

Visa Application Procedures

Procedures for international students differ from those of locals. One of the measure differences between these two categories is the obtainment of a valid student visa which only applies to internationals (overseas students). Benefiting from a professional assistance makes your Student Visa application the easiest part of your overall University registration procedures. Please feel free to contact our