Real college dating issues

By Leana Rivera

You’re a freshman, you have a pretty good idea of how college life goes at this point. You’ve mastered what time you need to set your alarm to have just enough time to make it to class in the morning. You’re an expert at knowing which dining halls to go to for every meal. Heck, you might have even used your super organizational powers to fit in some gym time between all that studying and partying. Kudos to you, you collegiate genius.

But it doesn’t take a genius to know that having a relationship in college is not the easiest. I’m not talking about prioritizing your studies over your beau, or anything cliché. I mean those little, nitty gritty, annoying, REAL, problems we come across when trying to make a college relationship work. So here’s what I would do if I were you.

Those “Extra Long” mattresses are extra tiny.

You may have been shocked by how uncomfortable and absurdly small your dorm bed was on your first night living on campus, but I bet you really felt the squeeze the first time you had a co-ed sleepover. Now, I’m not a peaceful sleeper. I seriously think I have restless leg syndrome. I toss and turn and kick and twitch all night. My ex-boyfriend, unfortunately, had similar sleeping patterns. Needless to say, we didn’t wake up in the morning well rested, and I don’t mean that in the good “up all night” kind of way.

His solution was head to toe sleeping, which I found impersonal. My solution was just toughing it out and not sleeping all weekend, which also wasn’t working. What we really should have done, was have our intimate moments during the day. You go over, have your cuddle time, maybe a little more, if you know what I mean, and then head home. You might not get the warm and fuzzies of snuggling at night, but you won’t need them as much if you’re getting your cutesy time during the day. So go in for an afternoon delight, and get the zzz’s you need before your big exam.

But my roommate never leaves the room!

Ah, the house arrest roommate. So you love your roomie, but he or she isn’t exactly as popular as you are. This means they’re in the room practically all the time. Now you have to walk the delicate line of giving your living partner space, while also having the privacy that your relationship needs.

The solution to this one involves a little work. The most basic thing you can do is learn your roommate’s schedule. Have him or her give you a copy of it and keep it in your back pocket at all times. Memorize it. Your roomie may not leave for social activities, but he or she has to leave for class, or work, or the gym. If you know when those times are, you and your partner can utilize them. This method might take the spontaneity out of your romance, but hey, at least you’ll be getting it in every once in a while.


We never have classes together.

So you’re an English major and he’s majoring in Accounting. This means, unless you get lucky with your core, that you’re not really going to be study partners. You might think this is a bad thing, but this is actually a blessing in disguise. If you think not having enough time together is a problem, you haven’t experienced a relationship where you have TOO much time together. Like distance, time apart makes the heart grow fonder. And just because you guys might not be studying the same topics doesn’t mean you can’t make time to sit and do homework together. Better yet, that’s a wholesome activity you can do in the roommate’s presence.

I once had a class with an overly conspicuous couple and it was a nightmare. She’d lean her head on his shoulder, he’d give her a little kiss on the forehead, she’d put her hand on his thigh, he’d put his arm around her, she’d let out a contented sigh, and soon everyone in the lecture hall would be anxiously awaiting their make out session. Even if you do end up in a class with your boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t be that couple. I beg of you.

Of course you’re going to have more difficulties along the way, but starting with these will give you a good foundation for how to deal with your other couple annoyances. And if you make it through the college stretch, the bed that’s waiting on the other side might be a full size. Now that’s something to look forward



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