Types of people you meet in college.

By Kara apel.

We hear a lot about college before we head out to start the next chapter in our lives, but what we don’t learn a lot about is who we will be meeting while we’re in school.

The people you’ll meet in college will completely change your worldview. You’ll most likely encounter people who have opinions and interests that you’ve never even considered before.

While I can easily separate the types of people you’ll be meeting, you may certainly encounter people who fall into multiple groups. There’s no cut and dry way to describe students at every school, as each school has different norms, but there are definitely a few types of people who can be found on any college campus at any given time. Here’s my list!


1. The Partier

A major aspect of college is about partying, but this person takes it to a whole new extreme. No matter how many shots you take, this person takes two more. No matter how late you stay out, this person stays out later. Although you know this person is a partier, many aspects of their life are mysterious. The chief concern you’ll have? How on Earth they are able to make it to class all the time. Hangovers don’t get in this person’s way, and neither does schoolwork.


2. The Overachiever

This person is in as many clubs as possible — from Student Government to Judicial Council, this person is on it. Oh, and don’t worry, this person is also juggling an internship and an 18-hour courseload. Missed class on Thursday? They’ve got the notes. Need help finishing that study guide? They finished it two weeks ago. Wonder what their GPA is? Probably a 4.0. How do they do it? We may never know.


3. The Member of Greek Life

This person makes their sorority of fraternity their life. They live in the house, go to every single function, are only friends with people in their sorority/fraternity, etc. You’ll see this person out and about having a social life but also getting involved in other organizations on campus.


4. The Sports Junkie

This is the person that attends every sporting event and knows a lot about athletics at your school. Even if your school doesn’t have a strong athletic program, you’ll still encounter the sports junkies who love professional sports. Don’t even try to bother this person during the first few days of March Madness — they won’t answer your calls. If you want to be friends with this person, you’ll have to be willing to watch sports and/or go to sporting events on a frequent basis!

5. The “Too Cool” Person

These people think they are way too cool for school. And they would probably hate the idiom I just used. These people are the ones that refuse to fit into norms and stereotypes and are using this time to really find themselves. Events on campus? You won’t see them there. They’re busy checking out different places off campus … probably stuff you’ve never heard of.



Source: College Cure

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  1. Lincoln

    December 12, 2013 -

    hilarious post