Gary Butler (University of Washington, US) with Team Bright Quest

Major: Sport Science and psychology


>> Tell us about your aspiration


I’ve always dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, and businessman, and a philanthropist.


>> What is the funniest moment you’ve experienced in college so far?


Actually in college, you live funny moments almost everyday. Students come from different countries, backgrounds, and that means you experience different sense of humor. So I don’t really have the funniest moment in mind.


>> First college nightmare


Been broke. Yeah, it took me a while to actually be able to manage my money properly.


>> The college life in 3 words


Unique, inspirational, amazing


>> Who influenced you choice to go to college?


Lots of people around me including my family.


>> Are you proud of your accomplishment so far? How do you see yourself in the future?


I’ll say that I’m really proud that I’ve taken this opportunity with my two hands, and the I’ve taken full advantage of it. I’ll probably become a great coach. I know I’ll get there, but fist, let learn so principles before getting there.


>> What is your hallmark?


Champ in all of us.

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