Danny Reece (Ryerston University, Canada) with Bright Quest Team

Major: Fashion and Marketing


>> Tell us about your aspiration


I want to become a Fashion designer, and a businessman


>> What is the funniest moment you’ve experienced in college so far?


Well, I’ve lived a number of funny things especially with my creatively humorist friend. So I don’t have a funniest one.


>> First college nightmare


Not managing time properly. Yeah… then in the end you realize that you have a huge number of coursework that have to be completed in few days.


>> The college life in 3 words


Colorful, enriching, and expansive.


>> Who influenced you choice to go to college?


The people that have succeeded in what I love doing.


>> Are you proud of your accomplishment so far? How do you see yourself in the future?


Well, good question… working on my own clothing line is what I see myself doing in the future and so far I’m really glad of what I’ve accomplished.


>> What is your hallmark?


Be creative or die trying.

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