By sarah cochard (university of Manchester) with Bright Quest

Major: Musical Art


>> Tell us about your aspiration


I want become an astronaut…lol no I’m just kidding. I’ve always wanted to work as a music teacher, but growing up in a highly entrepreneurial family, I’ve decided to set my heart on business and use music as a way to promote my vision.


>> What is the funniest moment so far that you’ve experienced in college?


The Caribbean carnival. Yeah, I think it was one the greatest moment during my college time, and that’s even where I’ve met my boyfriend. I had so much fun.


>> First college nightmare


Missing my first class test because I failed to wake up. ooops. Forgot to set the alarm.


>>  The college life in 3 words


Incredible, fun, and unforgettable


>> Who influenced your choice to go to college?


Well, a lot of people actually. My family members, friends, and my secondary’s school math teacher.


>> Are proud of your accomplishment so far? And how do you see yourself in the future.


I’m still learning and really proud of what I’ve accomplished so far. Well I definitely want to be as flexible as possible and bring my contribution to the economic development of certain countries. My dream is to work for business development firms.


>> What is your hallmark?



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